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In 2018 we created "Rocketopoly" as a gift for the college football bowl selection committees. This game was used as a fun and interactive game as a "pick us" gift to the committees. This was a unique way for us to show off our team to the bowl committees and leave them with a gift to remember the Toledo Rockets. The games were customized for each bowl with the bowl logo and featured our key players and stats from the 2018 season.

Rocketopoly - Full 03.jpg
Rocketopoly - Cards 04.jpg
Rocketopoly - Cards 01b.jpg
Rocketopoly - Cards 01b.jpg

Customized Cards

All of the property cards for Rocketopoly were named after former Toledo players, coaches, and campus locations. The Community Playbook and Challenge cards were all based on statistics from the 2018 season.

Introduction Booklet

Each board game included an informational booklet with game instructions and an introduction to some of the key players.

Rocketopoly - Instructions 03.jpg
Rocketopoly - Players 02.jpg
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