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Michigan State National Signing Day

The recruiting cycle for the 2021 signing class was unique because we weren't able to have on-campus visits with the recruits due to COVID-19. Since we were a new staff at Michigan State, we had not met many of the recruits prior to arriving in East Lansing, which meant that we could not do photoshoots with our recruits as we typically would. Our solution to not having high resolution photos of our recruits was to do a vector illustration of each signee for their National Signing Day graphics. Our creative team worked relentlessly to create a unique graphic package for each signee.

National Signing Day 02.jpg

Physical Items

A physical copy of the National Letter of Intent was mailed to each signee a few days prior to National Signing Day. We included a NSD graphic sheet along with a pack of personalized stickers for each signee.


Since we didn't have high resolution photos of any of the signees, I created vector illustrations of each signee. This was hands down the most challenging and time consuming part of National Signing Day.

Kameron Allen 02.png

Social Media Content


We collected a quote from each signee about their decision to come to Michigan State and posted them on Instagram as a scrolling graphic.


A graphic for each signee was posted in a thread with a motion graphic and their highlight tape.

We posted an Instagram story graphic for each signee with their handle attached so fans could follow them.

Motion Graphics

Blaze Watson, one of our graphic designers on our creative team, created a motion graphic for each signee. These motion graphics were used for Twitter and Instagram.



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