Michigan State Football Recruiting

Recruiting during 2020 was interesting because we didn't always have high quality photos of our recruits to use for our graphics. This led to us having to use more creative and non-traditional ideas for our graphics. Our big recruiting push was during the early months of quarantine due to COVID-19, and while there were no sports going on, our graphics gained a lot of attention from national media publications such as The Athletic and 247Sports.com. 

Jahvon Grigsby - YoungBoy 03.jpg

Variable Data Graphics

Each week we would send out a mass personalized graphic to all of our recruits. This was typically upwards of 150 recruits, so to minimize the amount of work we had to do we used variable data to personalize each graphic. We would create a unique template with editable text fields, jersey numbers, skin tones, and name plates. Our recruiting department would then supply an excel document with each recruit's name, position, jersey number, and skin tone - which was used to populate our template, producing 150+ personalized graphics with the click of a button.

Official Offer Letters

August 1st is the first date that an "official" scholarship can be offered to a prospect. This is a very special moment in the recruiting process and we wanted to leave an impression with our recruits. We prepared personalized official offer letters for 70 of our top recruits and mailed them to the recruits.


Commitment Graphics